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Technology Services

Technology Services

Anderson School District strives to provide every student with the technology needed to prepare for an ever-changing technical world. Technology changes by the minute, and students leave Anderson with a firm understanding of technical concepts and capabilities for whatever educational or career aspirations they may have.

Anderson’s technology journey has evolved and grown over time. Our technology started small – manual typing devices evolved into an iPad lab with 60 Apple Macbook laptops that had to be checked out by class. We eventually added another 30 Macbooks but continued to see issues where classes had to share. In 2017, the first phase of a multi-phase approach to 1-to-1 computing began when Chromebooks were purchased for all students in grades 4-8 and all school staff. 2019 brought phase 2, where grade 3 also got Chromebooks. Finally, phase 3 in 2020 brought our hope for 1-to-1 computing for every student into reality. This certainly put Anderson into a coveted position amongst other schools when COVID-19 closed schools – every student had a device to take home and every staff member had a device to interact with their students. Today, every student in grades 1-8 are assigned a Chromebook and students in Kindergarten are assigned an iPad.

2020-2021, while challenging due to COVID-19, was also an exciting time in Anderson’s technology history. In addition to significant safety improvements, a new building gave the opportunity to standardize the technology available in every classroom: interactive projectors, speakers with teacher microphones, upgraded wiring and wireless coverage, and multimedia support.

Technology advancement in schools cannot happen without support from voters. We sincerely appreciate your support of our students and their learning!

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