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Student Support Services

Gifted & Talented Education

Gifted Students possess academic talents and abilities that differ from those of their peers to such a degree that opportunities must be provided to help them develop to their greatest potential. In keeping with the Anderson School’s goal to offer instructional programs that address differences in abilities, needs, and learning styles of all students, the Anderson School Board of Education is committed to the identification of gifted students and to providing appropriate educational experiences for those students.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

MTSS is a three-tiered intervention process. The principles and practices of MTSS are based upon what research has shown to be effective in both creating successful and sustainable system change as well as what is necessary in providing the most effective instruction to all students. The MTSS framework is designed to address the academic needs of every student, regardless of whether the students are struggling or have advanced learning needs.

Student Behavior Matrix

The Student Behavior Matrix was developed for Student Expectations for the Anderson School Community. This matrix clarifies what behaviors are expected in each area of our school. Having consistent expectations, clearly described, allows for positive behavior in all areas. This is intended to make our school a safe learning environment, with decreased instances of bullying and time spent correcting behavior.