General Music

2020-2021: Due to the ongoing pandemic, all students K-8 participate in General Music, in grade level cohorts. Choir and Instrumental Ensembles are suspended until further notice (no singing or playing instruments inside or outside at school).

GENERAL MUSIC: All students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade receive instruction in General Music (Music Enrichment).  Seventh and Eighth graders have the option of participating in either an Instrumental Ensemble or General Music.  The General Music curriculum includes:

  • Singing
  • Performing on classroom instruments (Orff-style keyboards, recorders, guitar, hand percussion)
  • Improvising
  • Reading and notating
  • Composing and arranging
  • Developing listening skills
  • Evaluating music and performances
  • Understanding relationships between music and the other arts as well as disciplines outside the arts
  • Music from other cultures (examples include the World Music Drumming curriculum by Will Schmid).
  • Integration of music and other subject areas is done whenever possible.

RECORDERS: All Fourth grade students study the recorder for part of the school year, as a pre-band wind instrument. The recorder and book are provided by Anderson School unless a student has their own. Replacement charges for lost or damaged items is $5.00 each.

5-8 MUSIC ENRICHMENT/WORLD MUSIC: All Fifth and Sixth grade students participate in Music Enrichment.  Seventh and Eighth grade students have the option of taking either Music Enrichment or Band, or both (no study hall).  You will need to have a notebook (which will be graded on content and organization), portfolio/folder (for storing loose papers), and writing utensils with you every time class meets unless instructed otherwise.  You may expect homework and assignments to practice with this course.