Anderson School Typing Program

Technology and learning keyboarding skills at a young age and beyond has become very important for our students. Please take time and check out these websites and opportunities for your children. Please login at home to practice typing skills.

2nd Grade: 

Starting in the 2013-2014 school year students will start learning some basic typing skills at the end of their 2nd grade year. In 3rd grade they are expected to talk an online test utilizing the keyboard. We want to start getting our students farmiliar with typing at the end of 2nd grade.

3rd – 6th Grade: 

Starting in third we begin utilizing the Typing Tutor program. This is a free online typing program. This program allows students to login, and track their progress. Typing Tutor is a complete typing course from beginner to professional.

In 3rd and 4th grade, the teachers have dedicated some time to learning typing skills. In 5th and 6th grade they utilize their typing skills during language arts. Less time is spent specifically on typing skills.

7th and 8th Grade: 

In Tech. Ed., the typing program is switched to Keyboarding Online. By 7th and 8th grade student dexterity has reached a level where mastering typing skills is possible.

The importance of typing:

  • Skill they will use all their lives
  • Testing starts in 3rd grade, which heavily utilizes the keyboard
  • High School assumes that typing skills are already mastered at a minimum of 40 words per minute. If you have not learned to type by high school you will be placed in a remedial class.


Links to Typing Programs Online:

Ask your student or contact your teacher for login information.