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A message from Anderson School District Superintendent Scott McDowell:

To the Anderson School Board,

Please accept this letter of intent to resign from my position as the Superintendent of Anderson District 41, effective June 30th, 2020. These 6 years at Anderson School have been rewarding and filled with incredible opportunities. It has been an honor to serve this community and preside over this exceptional school. I will never forget the opportunity to drive a school bus with 24 fourth graders into Yellowstone National Park for a 3 day expedition or the chance to perform in our production of Mary Poppins with 80 students at the Emerson Cultural Center. And I am especially thankful for the opportunity to be the principal for my own two children for 5 of those years alongside a fantastic staff.

My decision to walk away from Anderson has been difficult as we prepare to break ground this spring after two years of strategic planning, design meetings, and going door-to-door to pass our first facility project in 20 years. I greatly appreciate the extension of my contract through 2022 at the regular board meeting in January of 2020. You have offered an opportunity to continue working with incredible teachers and a chance to see through the completion of the building project that will positively impact this community for decades. This is a wonderful job in a beautiful place and I appreciate your confidence in my performance to lead what I consider the best school in the Gallatin Valley. It has not been an easy decision to decide to leave Anderson School District during this exciting time.

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