History of Anderson School

The present district was formed by a division from the Middle Creek District by J.J. Henry in 1894. A small white frame building was erected and used until the little red school house was built in 1923 by Clarence Carpenter and William McPherson on the original plot of land donated by Mr. Henry Anderson. The Anderson School “red schoolhouse” construction is typical of the bungalow architecture style. The symbolic dormer and generous front porch give a feeling of “house” to the schoolhouse, rather than “institution.”

The first phase of the “brown school” with its modern solar design, opened in the fall of 1980. The next addition to the brown school was completed for the 1985-1986 school year. In 1990, the second addition was complete.

Completed in November of 2001, the third addition added 15,600 square feet to the Anderson School facility. Initially proposed in the early nineties, the 2001 addition began in earnest with a small group of individuals in 1998 who met to analyze the space needs and to develop a facilities plan that would better serve the children of the community. The dedication and vision of those people led to the 2001 addition.