Anderson School Adopted Curriculum

Anderson School has adopted the following curriculums:

  • Math in grades K-8
  • ELA in grades K-5
  • Science in grades K-8
  • Social Emotional Curriculum in grades K-5 based on Second Step curriculum
  • The rest of the teaching is based upon Montana State standards with teachers implementing their own created curriculums to meet published standards. The K-12 Montana Content Standards can be found here

Families reserve the right to request teacher qualifications. For more information, please reference the flyer here.


Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Illustrative Math (Fall 2021) Fully aligned curriculum with the focus on rigor and standards. The scope and sequence is done in less lessons so you can complete it during the school year that help students develop a “deep understanding of mathematical concepts, build fluency with procedure, and solve mathematical problems that reflect their lived experiences.”

Sixth through Eighth Grade Carnegie Math (Fall 2021) Intentional math design with a designed practice platform (Mathia). Helps build “mathematical coherence, habits of mind, multiple representations, and transfer to help students experience an ongoing growth in mathematics.”

Advanced Math with Mrs. Kinna (Grades 7 and 8) – Combination of Carnegie, Pre Algebra, and Algebra curriculums.


Kindergarten through Fifth Grade – Journeys by Houghton Mifflin. Grades K-2 use Haggerty for Phonemic Awareness in addition. The curriculum committee and staff are looking to potentially adopt a new ELA curriculum for the 2023-2024 school year.

Sixth through Eighth Grade – No official adopted curriculum. Teachers use a variety of novels for instruction in reading and writing based upon the Montana standards. The novels are also integrated with Social Studies instruction. They also use a variety of tools for grammar instruction.


Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Amplify Science (2019) Seventh and Eighth grade use Amplify Science plus other resources. Amplify blends hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers.

Social Studies, Spanish, Music, Library, and HE

Social Studies – Based upon Montana Standards and teachers have access to a variety of resources for instruction.

K-7 Spanish – Senora Wagner develops her curriculum based upon standards. Uses a combination of songs, music, novels to teach. Grade 8 Spanish is a Spanish 1 curriculum so students are able to move on into Spanish 2 in the high school if they would like. Our students are known at the high schools for their strong Spanish skills.

Fine Arts – Full curriculum information can be found on our website here.

HE – Mr. Olson is updating Anderson curriculum to align with standards this year.

Library & Tech Ed – Both taught by Mrs. Croskey, grades K-4 have Library / Tech combined, 5-6 have technology rotations for one trimester and library all year, and 7-8 have technology as an elective option each semester, and library/advisory all year.

  • Library lessons include literature – rich experiences for students with the Montana and National Library Standards as guides. Our goal is to help students enjoy reading and build library and information literacy skills while having fun. 

  • In Technology Education, K-8 students build keyboarding skills using Typesy, practice coding through, become familiar with Google Workspace through Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum, and work on cultivating a positive digital footprint using Common Sense Media lessons and activities.