The Communicator

September 2009

From the Superintendent’s Desk

Dear parents, students, guardians and community members:

Anderson Public Schools has welcomed back the staff and students for the 2009-10 school year! As we greeted our students on Wednesday, August 26th for the first day of school, we observed many eager faces and a few parents with tears of sadness/joy as they said good-by and dropped off their child/children with a hug or pat of encouragement on the back.  As you know, the staff at Anderson is of high quality and immediately engaged the students with enthusiasm and love.

Please take time to read the latest information from the Gallatin City-County Health Department regarding the Novel H1N1 Flu Vaccine.  Mrs. Layton and I are committed to sending home and/or posting on our website the up-dated information we obtain from this agency.  It is very important that we teach our children the importance of washing their hands often and practicing proper hygiene when sneezing or coughing.  Being proactive and prepared is the best means of being ready if this virus becomes more serious in our area. REMEMBER these important tips:

  • Cover your cough/sneeze
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • If you have a fever, stay home for at least 24 hrs after that fever has ended
  • Get a vaccine when it becomes available
    • You can visit this website to obtain up-to-date information:

Many thanks to the Parent Council for providing ice cream at the “Back to School” night on August 25th.  Students and parents very were thankful for this opportunity to meet teachers and see firsthand where their class was and to put supplies away.  The Anderson School annual Parent Night was well attended.  If you were unable to attend, please contact your child’s teacher and ask for the information that was presented.  Effective communication between parents/students and teachers is critical for a successful learning experience.

Community volunteers, School Trustees and others have been busy helping with the new storage addition and the kitchen remodel.  Please take time to thank the many volunteers who helped to make the new kitchen and storage addition a reality. Among them  are: Dixie Lucero, Walt Zidack, Chris Catlett, Aaron Aafedt,. Dan Ripley, Rich Jeske,  Lance Groff, and Jim Towner.

Anderson students have been challenged with learning and practicing procedures and rules “school wide”.  The PBS (Positive Behavior Support) TEAM has developed and now implemented the Student Expectations for the Anderson School Community Matrix.  (Please see attached Matrix)The purpose of these expectations is to teach and model behavior that provides a safe learning environment.  I encourage all parents to place a copy of this matrix on your refrigerator or family bulletin board as a friendly reminder.  These expectations work well at home for everyone.  Please note that the vast majority of our students know these expectations well and practice them daily even without reminders.  This is a direct reflection on the expectations and support you give them at home.

The process of electing Student Council officers has begun. This is an exciting event for our students and we encourage all of them to get involved.  Thank you Mrs. Segaar and Staci Weichel  for all of the planning, organizing and time that it takes to put this together.  After the elections and the Student Council is organized, the first responsibility will be to plan and organize the Friday Flag Ceremonies that have become a tradition at Anderson School.

Please welcome our new staff at Anderson.  Chelsea Croskey, Para-educator and Martha Lowe, After School Coordinator will be working closely with our teachers and providing our students with one-on-one and small group instruction.  In addition, we have hired three new volleyball coaches; Carol Walden, grades 5 and 6, Brandy Hart and Ashley Johnson, grades 7 and 8.

From the Board of Trustees

Greetings to the Anderson Community and welcome back to school!  We hope you had a great summer and are getting settled back into the routine of school and extracurricular activities.

As many of you know, voters approved a renewal of the school’s Building Reserve Mill Levy over the summer break.   This important levy provides needed funds for repairs, safety enhancements, maintenance, and energy conservation in our Anderson School facilities.   We were very pleased that the community showed its support for the school’s needs.

Since July, we have been working closely with Superintendent Blessum in a variety of areas, including updating and improving our crisis response plan and student/parent handbooks, and planning our Safe Routes to School engineering assessment.   We have contracted with a local civil engineering firm to collect data and make recommendations about needed safety enhancements in our parking lot and adjoining roadways.  We’ll keep you posted as this process moves along.

Along with Mr. Blessum, Mrs. Svensrud, and other Trustees, I have continued to participate in training and networking opportunities for new Trustees offered by the Montana Office of Public Instruction and the Montana School Boards Association.  We are keeping abreast of the latest trends in education practices and funding opportunities for our teachers, students, and facilities.

I look forward to meeting new Anderson families and getting to know familiar faces better.   Let us know how we can be of service to our school.


Cynthia Bradford Lencioni

Panther Girls Volleyball 2009-2010

This year we have lots of changes to our squad.  First of all we have four new coaches; 7th and 8th grade Coach Brandy Heart and her Assistant Coach Ashlee Johnson, 5th and 6th grade Coach Carol Walden and her Assistant Coach Jessie Ellis.  All of these coaches are very experienced, they all have played volleyball for years, some with college level playing and all have coached before.  As coaches we were pleased to see the large turn out, lots of first time players in 5th & 7th grade.  So, remember it’s never too late to start playing any sport!  We are running two separate practices, so each team can focus on their needs, and get lots of court time!  Thank you to those parents who are putting together a study hall for the 7th and 8th graders.

The players are looking very sharp!  They are working hard and improving their skills daily, all while having fun and working as a team!  We are all very proud of each of our players and their great attitudes.  We look forward to a great season.

We hope you will come out and support the Anderson Volleyball teams!  We play four home games right in here in our gym, the 5th & 6th grade team plays @ 4:00 and the 7th & 8th grade team plays @ 5:15.  It is great for those 4th grade girls to get a look at Anderson’s Volleyball because next year they can play!  Our schedule is as follows:

Date:                      Home or                   Time:                  Opponent:


Tues 9/15              Home                     4:00 & 5:15                          Ophir

Thurs 9/17            Away                     4:00 & 5:15                          Home School (Grace Bible Church)

Mon 9/21              Home                     4:00 & 5:15                          Heritage Christian

Tues 9/22              Away                     4:00 & 5:15                          Gateway

Wed 9/30              Away                     4:00 & 5:15                          Bear Canyon

Thurs 10/8            Home                     4:00 & 5:15                          Gateway

Mon 10/12            Away                     4:00 & 5:15                          Heritage Christian

We also will have a few weekend tournaments to look forward, too!

Submitted by Coach Carol Walden

Parent Council

Come be a part of our team – September 9th at 6:30pm

Please plan on attending the first parent council meeting of the school year. This will be the last meeting held in the evening. We will be appointing board members (we are now a 501(c)(3) corporation so we need to have board members. These will be voting members that are interested in attending all meetings. We also need to pick a day and time that will work to have future meetings.

Come be a part of APC and let your vote count. We need your help this year and your creative ideas.

October meeting we will vote for new officers that will serve a 2 year term starting this school year.

Submitted by Erica Mineau

The Panther’s After School Program

Do you work late? Did you forget to return a movie in town?  Are you rushing to pick up your children at the end of the day? Does your child need some tutoring or a little extra attention with their school work? I have a solution! Join the after school program at Anderson School.

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Martha Lowe and I am the director of the after school program. I completed my student teaching last year with Sandy Kline in fifth and sixth grade. After finishing my student teaching I graduated in May with a degree in Elementary Education. The after school program is a resource for many parents to use when they work later than the school day, but I would like to extend the invitation for any student needing tutoring or time to catch up on their school work. The tutoring would be the same price as a regular day’s fee at our program. Parents have the choice to sign their children up regularly or to have the children just drop by whenever necessary. Along with the tutoring the students will be provided with a healthy snack and an opportunity to meet students in different grades. Please don’t forget about the after school program at Anderson the next time you are running behind schedule or you child needs a little extra help. To sign up or to ask any questions about the program please email me a Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Submitted by Martha Lowe

Upcoming  School Events

Sept. 7—Labor Day—No School

Sept. 9— Anderson Parent Council Meeting 6:30pm

Sept. 10— Board of Education Meeting 7pm

Sept. 23— Picture Day

Sept.23— Early Release 2pm

Sept. 29— Roof Top Pictures

Area events

Sept. 13– NFL Pepsi Punt Pass Kick at the MSU Football stadium starting at 10:00am for boys and girls ages 8—15. For more info contact Steve or Mary at The Ridge—586-1737.

Sept. 26—Story Mill 5 & North Church Fun Run, Children’s Health Fair and Block Party. For more info go to or call Reni ar 581-4981.


Student Expectations for the Anderson School Community










-Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

-Ask permission to leave any setting

-Follow emergency procedures/ directions

-Know evacuation routes

-Maintain personal space

-Handle all equipment carefully and properly

-Move in a safe manner


-Stay to the right

-Avoid physical contact


-Clean-up spills

-Carry trays with care

-Wait to be released

-Use equipment for intended purpose

-Stay in approved areas

-Follow playground rules

-Wash hands with soap and water

-Flush toilets

-Keep identities private

-Keep communication open with teachers and parents

-Personal electronics may be used outside of the building before and after school only


-Report concerns

-Own your behavior

-Be truthful

-Be a good role model

-Follow through on your commitments

-Come prepared

-Complete and turn in assignments on time

-Communicate with teachers

-Keep locker area clean

-Get to where you need to be in a timely manner

-Clean up personal and common space

-Be prepared to order

-Pick up litter

-Follow whistle procedure

-Return equipment to bin

-Keep our bathrooms neat and clean -Use appropriate websites


-Think of others

-Use appropriate language

-Understand differences

-Listen actively

-Honor others’ personal space

-Use appropriate voice level (0-3)

-Show consideration for property

-Cooperate and learn well with others

-Speak politely to your teachers and classmates

-Allow others to speak without interrupting

-Appreciate differences in others

-Voice level (0-1)

-Remove headgear while entering the building

-Eat only your food

-Voice level (0-1)

-Use table manners

-Include others in activities

-Show tolerance for others

-Share space and equipment

-Demonstrate sportsmanship

-Allow for privacy of others -Value oneself and others


-Make good choices -Be on time and ready to learn

-Take risks in learning

-Be an active participant

-Travel hallways quietly so as to not interrupt others’ learning -Make healthy food choices

-Practice positive social skills

-Be active/get exercise

-Problem solve

-Enter/exit quietly

-Return to class promptly -Utilize technology for educational purposes